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Dan Forbes Music


JoyTunes and PianoMaestro

Can’t get your child to practice? We have had some amazing results with JoyTunes!

Huh? What is JoyTunes you ask? You may already be familiar with Simply Piano by JoyTunes, the most common app offered by JoyTunes. Well, we have a studio+home subscription to PianoMaestro by JoyTunes, a leading piano learning app for iPad. Similar to Simply Piano, but with more options and better teacher feedback. This app makes it fun for young kids to practice the piano because it basically turns the practice sessions into a tablet game.

OK, but does it work? We have had a couple AMAZING success stories. One little 8 year old girl practiced 40 hours in 3 months on PianoMaestro app ALONE. She later went on to perform a song from her book plus a song she had written at recital. She hasn’t even been in the studio for a year, and her song touched and inspired other kids to create their own songs. Another 6 year old little boy has used this app and was able to perform at a NFMC Festival for a judge, despite a physical injury. As he recovers from the injury, he is playing what I would expect from a 10 year old at a similar experience level.

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