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Dan Forbes Music

Piano Tuning Rates: Scroll to bottom of page to see rates for Piano Tuning, Voicing, or Regulation.

Music Lessons and Rates:

Travel lessons are subject to instructor availability, and charged an additional monthly travel fee.

All students are offered unlimited makeups provided notice is given, as well as social music opportunities beyond private lessons and recitals. Our program is unique, and gives the kids opportunity to get involved with ensembles and songwriting groups.

We offer 2 recitals per year. The annual registration fee goes toward the cost of these recitals. Recitals are an important motivator to keep the students interest in lessons!

We also offer evaluations, to see how the student is progressing, how they are applying skills and having fun with what they learn, as well as local festival opportunities. Our teachers offer a well-rounded curriculum teaching aural awareness, sightreading, theory, technique, and performance in a wide variety of genres.

All of our teachers have music degrees or multiple decades performing on their instrument.

Technology for iPad or phone such as note learning games are included in the lesson price at no additional charge.

Our reviews and testimonials continue to speak for themselves.


Tuition is due the first of each month. We use monthly flat rate billing, the first month is generally prorated.


*Weekly 30 minute lessons:

$105 / month ($26.25 per 30 minute lesson) - Weekly LIVE lessons @ YOUR HOME in Kalamazoo area, Zelle price.

$100 / month ($25 per 30 minute lesson) -      Weekly LIVE lessons @ studio, ACH autopay or 

cash price.

$25 registration fee due at orientation.

TRAVEL - Travel is an added fee. Call for latest availability.


Call for availability.


Available now! Call for latest rates.

Quarterly Tuition or Discounts for Large Families - Call or text us at (269) 303-7997.

Additional fees applicable:


*Festival through National Federation of Music Clubs. If you are interested, check with Dan for more info. The next event is in March of 2021.

* Ensemble Festivals. If you are interested, check with your instructor for more info.

* KeysFest through Gilmore.

We do not operate on major holidays, and take the week of Thanksgiving and Christmas (Dec 24-Dec 31) off each year.

REFERRALS? Great way to earn a $50 credit applicable toward tuition! Refer a friend who stays at least two full months. Refer two friends and get two referral bonuses. My business grows and thrives on word-of-mouth.

Affordable starter keyboards and guitars are generally available for sale.

Quality Piano Tuning Services: ( because out-of-tune pianos are miserable to play! )

*$150 for pitch raise + tune - The most requested / typical service. Slight pitch raise is needed, but still tunable in 1 session. A piano that maybe hasn't been tuned in a couple of years. Some pitch movement, but nothing too severe.

*Add 60 cents per mile as travel fee for anything over and above 20 mile radius.

Institutional tunes such as church, school or nursing home may be subject to $10 paperwork surcharge.

As of 10/14/2016, all new non-established tuning clients will be required to make a $25-$30 deposit at least 24 hours in advance of tuning services being provided, $40 for new clients not in the immediate Kalamazoo area (Kalamazoo, Portage, Vicksburg, Oshtemo and Texas Township). PayPal and/or Cash app is currently the preferred method, but mailed or hand delivered checks are also acceptable. The remaining balance is due at the time of service. If the appointment is missed without 24 hours of notice, the deposit will be kept as a missed appointment fee.

$45 - Piano Inspection.

$110 per tune - All inclusive for regular maintenance tunes in greater Kalamazoo area for vertical pianos. Normal maintenance implies most pianos that were last tuned within 6-12 months. This type of session is generally sufficient for well maintained vertical pianos in this category.

SECOND SESSION - Pianos that are more than 50 cents flat generally will require a second scheduled session. Pianos exposed to excessive temperature change, humidity change, significant movement, moved long distances, or not tuned in roughly 15+ years or all the above generally will fall into this category. This is because the string movement required to tune the piano is considerable, and strings will have a greater tendency to pull back after a more drastic adjustment such as this, and the pitch must be restabilized. Generally the first session will knock out most of the "nastiness", and the second session will be a regular tune.

More than 30 miles out from Kalamazoo - May run an extra $15 - $25 per session or so.

Voicing and regulation - Typically $45 / hour labor charge. Voicing usually takes a couple hours to do carefully so as to maintain the correct shaping of hammers.

Minor repairs, such as sticking key - Ask. There are many reasons keys can stick. Sticking keys are sometimes as easy as removing a foreign object in literally minutes, and other times may require hours to diagnose and repair more complex issues.

Major repairs, such as restring, rebuild, restore wood finish, etc. - I will refer you to the correct shop.